Boise Multifamily Meetup

Meetup Leaders

Marty Gergen

Marty was a civil engineer for more than 29 years. Over the years, his primary professional focus is in aviation engineering and planning. During his career as an engineer, Marty worked on several single family home fix and flips. He is now concentrating on investing in multifamily assets in Boise and Cleveland.

Marty’s experience as a civil engineer on various improvement projects, roadway and highway improvements and related utility system upgrades gives him unique knowledge and advantages in the way he approaches multifamily investment. His passion to give back, assisting others along the way. With the assistance and support of the leadership team, the Multifamily Masters Boise Chapter Meetup was created. The monthly meetup will focus on helping and educating other in how to find, analyze and ultimately manage their multifamily assets. Marty will speak about the importance of mind set and what actions we can take to fulfill goals.