Durango Multifamily Meetup

Meetup Leaders

Jens Nielsen

Email: jens@opendoorscapital.com
Website: https://opendoorscapital.com
Cell: 970 749 0282

Jens is originally from Denmark, where he worked various jobs to earn some pocket money from a young age. In 1994, he was offered a job in London, and decided to take the leap to explore the world; that job quickly let him to a transfer to the United States where he has lived since 1996.

After a successful career in telecommunications and IT, Jens shifted his focus from being an employee to becoming an entrepreneur. Multifamily real estate investing seemed the obvious choice due to the many benefits, so in 2016 he started investing and is currently the key principal on 82 apartment units in New Mexico and Colorado.

After the success as a KP, Jens has partnered with syndicators as an GP specializing in underwriting, capital raising and investor relations. So far in 2019 Jens has raised $1.5M for 3 deals totaling over 650 units.

Jens has also passively invested in 14 syndications/private investments, spanning over 800 apartment units, 2,000 mobile park lots and over 6000 storage units plus mortgage note funds and private money lending. His mission is to get more people to invest in private placements for the strong cashflow and equity growth, and his company missions is to "Open Doors to your secure financial future through multifamily investing."

Jens understands the value of educations and has been a part of a multifamily education program with bi-weekly training sessions and quarterly live training events around the country. He is also using his new knowledge and skills to coach and train new students in multifamily real state investing. In 2019 alone, Jens has coached 10 students and conducted over 100 coaching calls.

He lives in SW Colorado with his wife and two dogs. When he is not looking for the next deal, Jens is riding his bike, skiing, or hiking.