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- Malvern Chapter - Philadelphia Chapter

David Iglewicz - Malvern Chapter Leader
610 -609-1396

David Iglewicz, a Pediatric Dentist, graduated from Rutgers University in 1997 with a degree in Biomathematics. He then went to Dental School at Temple University School of Dentistry. His goal was to treat children exclusively with integrity and compassion. In keeping with this mission, he went for a specialty degree in pediatric dentistry that was completed in 2003. Upon graduating, he joined Children’s Dental Health Associates where he was able to carry out his mission as well as become an integral part of the success and growth of the company. He was part of a team that grew the practices from three offices to fifteen offices and two surgical centers; ultimately, leading to a successful merger with a private equity firm in 2006.

David was always passionate about investing. He started with investing in the market. He got decent returns but was never happy with the high volatility. He wanted more control of his assets. In 2017, he became intrigued with Real Estate after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad. He dove in headfirst and by 2019 had already invested in 865 doors. Wanting to increase his knowledge, he joined a coaching program headed by Rod Khleif. In 2020, he started a Multifamily Masters Meetup based out of Malvern PA.

David is now actively pursuing assets in Tennessee, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. He currently has one project set to close at the end of July and another in September.

Jake Penny - Philadelphia Chapter Leader

For the past 6 years, Jake’s main focus has been investing in communities by renovating and redeveloping distressed assets. By investing in his local communities, Jake not only creates new jobs but also beautiful properties that area unique and affordable for individuals to call home. Part of his passion and mission is to teach people how to get out of the chaos of Wall Street and start investing in Main Street. Investing in Main Street is tangible, can earn one better than average returns, and makes a social impact on the community. Jake was featured on DIY Networks First Time Flippers and has been a guest speaker at real estate events in the area. He exceeds expectations in the world of capital raising, investor relations, and property acquisitions. Jake resides in the southeastern part of Pennsylvania with Leanna, his partner in business and in life. They both enjoy adventures with their two dogs, physical fitness, traveling, and giving back to the community.