San Jose Multifamily Meetup

Meetup Leaders

Jason Hsiao

Jason Hsiao is the Managing Direct or Shaw Investments, a multifamily developer and syndicator. Jason started his investing career by house hacking a 2 bedroom condo while in college in 2004 and slowly but surely grew to a $50MM portfolio with investments in across CA, TX, TN, GA, and SC over 400 units. Jason has been featured on CNBC,, Urban Land Institute, BiggerPockets, and multiple real estate podcasts. Outside of real estate Jason is an avid snowboarder, hiker, and a champion for entrepreneurship with endowment scholarships set up at his alma maters and sits on the Herb Keller Center for Entrepreneurship Advisory Council along with the Chancellor's Council at University of Texas at Austin.

Michael Sarkissian

Originally from France but of Armenian decent, Michael made his home in the San Francisco bay area twenty years ago when he came to attend the University of San Francisco. Michael has spent many years doing business internationally in the jewelry and luxury watches industry and has lived in multiple countries in Europe as well as Hong Kong.

Michael has also always had interest in real estate investing and is always looking to educate himself and learn from others. He took his first step investing in the US when purchasing his first multi-unit property in Ohio back in 2016.

Thy Dinh

"Tony Robbins says that success is 80% psychology and 20% skills. Using that positive mindset, I’ve been able to overcome many obstacles and challenges in my life without compromising my passion of giving back. Born in Vietnam, I met my father for the first time in the U.S. at the age of nine without knowing a word of English. During my third year of graduate school, I experienced a near-death experience. It has taught me that life is too precious and too short to focus on anything else than making yourself happy. Upon receiving my doctorate degree in optometry, I moved to San Jose, California, to take care of my ill grandmother for three years. It is here that I met my husband, started a family, and now call it my home.

Although I’m new to the world of multifamily investment, I’m extremely excited and motivated to learn the business. I’ve recently partnered up with more experienced real estate investors to start a multifamily investment company. We are actively networking, searching and underwriting deals, while learning from our coach and many MF gurus from all over the country. I want to serve the community by providing quality and affordable multifamily housing while allowing investors to obtain their financial freedom through passive income. I am passionate about giving back and I know this business will allow me to continue my support to provide vision care to underserved communities. "

- Thy Dinh