Woodland Hills Multifamily Meetup

Meetup Leaders

David Hudgins

David is the Founder and CEO of a successful multi million-dollar equipment rental business that has been in business for over 17 years.  He was actively involved with his neighborhood council and was Chair of the Planning and Land Use Committee dealing with Developers and Los Angeles City Council on land use issues. He and his wife Natalie have several single family and duplex properties and we purchased our first multifamily property in Memphis, TN in 2018. We currently own or have invested in over 450 units in 4 states totaling over $42 million.

Natalie Alchadeff

Natalie Alchadeff is an LA-based residential and multi-family real estate broker with over two decades of real estate experience.  To date, she has transacted in approximately half a billion dollars in real estate sales.

Natalie's absolute, true passion is educating and working with others to gain financial independence through real estate.  Her areas of expertise include working with excited yet apprehensive first-time homebuyers, seasoned investors seeking to achieve specific economic outcomes, and sellers pursuing the highest price for their home.

Natalie first discovered the power of real estate while working as an Analyst at Wells Fargo Bank's headquarters, where she evaluated $1-30 million commercial real estate ventures.

Natalie began investing in income-producing property in 2007. She has invested both actively and passively in over 450 units in 5 states totaling over $42 million.  

Natalie earned an MBA from Ecole des Ponts-Paris Tech in Paris, France, and a Bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley.