Louisville Multifamily Meetup

Meetup Leaders

Lizzy Neutz

Lizzy has co-created 2 businesses and 2 different meetup groups. Her main focus is real estate investing. She co-owns a single family wholesaling company, as well as Multifamily Investment Company primarily targeting areas close to home- Louisville, KY. Lizzy brings her youthful energy (& love for talking) to making the necessary connections needed to get the job done!

Her first local meetup group, a women's entrepreneur group, has well over 150 women and is constantly adding massive value at her events. She thinks BIG, loves building relationships & being an inspiration to those around her.


Chase describes himself as a real estate enthusiast! He loves all things real estate! He co-owns and is involved in both his Single & Multifamily Investment Companies. He is the acquisitions guy in the single family business, but also loves all things numbers and is our underwriting expert. A goal of his is to obtain 500+ doors this year in MF.

Chase surrounds himself with people who are better at what he wants to be great in. Whether that’s business, meditation, reading or ways to give. He’s passionate about helping others grow by teaching them what he learns.


Luke has a vibrant personality and is passionate about all things real estate. He manages and creates the prospects for any and all of the real estate transactions in his two real estate investment companies- SF Wholesaling & MF Acquisitions and Syndications. He builds and implements systems that allow his business to run at tip top shape.

Luke has love for not just getting bigger, but getting better at everything he does. He is constantly brainstorming ways for his two businesses to grow exponentially and pushing those around him.