Orange County Multifamily Meetup

Meetup Leaders

Khalil Badran

Khalil has a background in mechanical engineering and sales in the commercial building industry. He also runs a successful graphics company with his brother where he focuses on business development and growth strategy for the company. With most family overseas, Khalil and his wife have goals to be able to travel freely back and forth, and be able to generate passive income 24/7 to support that time with family He dove into real estate during the pandemic, and now has a rental property in OH, and is passively invested in 120 doors in AZ. Goal is to grow this community into a group of value-adding professionals that can help each other along the journey of financial freedom!


Alex is the managing partner for Alstro Ventures and has over two decades of operations experience from his extensive background in various leadership roles in fintech & financial institutions. He has led large operations nationwide and focused on organizational strategic planning. He found his passion for real estate after his daughter was born and the need to find other income streams so he could build a legacy for his daughter and spend more time with his family. He learned about syndication through various mentors and is now invested in over 300 doors. He is paying it forward and dedicated to helping other busy professionals and business owners begin their financial freedom journey.