Khoa Pham


About Khoa

Khoa is an investor with a passion for multifamily real estate properties. He started his real estate investing journey after acquiring 10 residential properties in 9 months with a company he founded called A OH K Investments LLC. Since then, he has participated in several multifamily syndications as a Limited Partner(LP) as well as a General Partner (GP). He is also a managing partner and co-founder of NextGen Multifamily LLC which focuses on matching investors and private equity with lucrative real estate investments. In less than a year, NextGen Multfamily LLC has successfully placed over $5 million in successful real estate investments. Khoa is driven by his need for growth and contribution. He discovered these needs after attending a Tony Robbins seminar in 2017. He has since earned the position of Senior Leader in Tony Robbins organization and continues to help people find their passions and make life-changing breakthroughs.